A Cute Poem For Her

Cute Poem For Her
Cute Poem For Her

A Cute Poem For Her – Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

A Cute Poem For Her


Your shadow, always present every night
When the atmosphere becomes horror
And gripping

Your shadow always comes in every dream
When I had a nightmare

Your shadow, always accompany in my loneliness
When I feel alone
And fear

I also could not ask questions
You are my boyfriend what a ghost huh ???


Do not like to frown
Later his face wrinkled
Like a stomach ache
Wriggling like a mouse was cicurut


My lover,
Do you remember
When we are both under coconut trees?

joking laughter
Carve memories and intimacy

At that time I want to kiss your lips
Want me to hug your body
And that’s when a coconut fell on my head ..

Lies …!
Since then I was cured dating under coconut trees


Love is a valuable taste
More than immeasurable gold

Friendship is the most precious treasure
Which belongs to a human being

Love and friendship
Something invaluable

I wish I’d known
I’ve sold all my friends and my love.


Since you first met you,
I know the one that has been so long.

Look at …
Everytime I look at you,
My amperemeter and voltmeter always show the full scale,
And the waves in the oscilloscope of my heart are immobile

Every time I approach you,
My heart trembles more terrible than
Vibration of the turbine generating
Three phase AC current 220 volt 50 hertz.

When you are far away
I’m like a digital computer without a microprocessor,
I’m like a transmitter circuit without a power supply.

Because only you can recharge the void
Charge of my heart capacitor
Only you can activate
Hardware and software
That I have.

I want my heart and heart like anode and cathode from
Forward biased diodes.
I want our hearts like induced winding inductor
Strong at the core of the transformer.

So let prisoners among our hearts be great
Not more than one ohm for signals
Analogue that I send
May flow beautifully from the emitter of my heart
To the collector of your heart without
Meaningful distortion.

Let the signals you sampling,
Quantization and decoding
So that you can analyze the sincerity of these love bytes.
Do not doubt my sincerity for you.
Let your doubts I filter using band pass filter.

If you do not believe in my love, split my chest.
You will see your name is beautiful on the LCD display of my heart.
Still do not believe it?
Come deeper,
You will see the receiver circuit
Whose paths have been flawed
Due to receiving electromagnetic waves
The high intensity you exude.
Still do not believe it too?

Let it be ….
For your sake I am willing to break the main switch of my life
So that you know how great my love amplitude is.
Believe me only you love me.


If I’m an unnamed atom,
Then maybe you are the free element.
Sorry if I’m interested,

No more can I escape from the gravity of your charms.
Creates perfect ionization.
Being a plasma of love in a vacuum.

However, if inappropriate,
Suppose I am a free helium.
With two loyal electrons around me.
Only that,
A simple orbit for me to smile.

At a distance of a million light years from you.
And this love plasma,
Will exist for the next form,
With a more complex chemical process.

When the whole point is reached.
And I … is not a free atom anymore.
Because you know,
This space is too wide for me to explore.


You are the integration of my soul mate
You are the codomain of the function of my heart
Where should I look for the vector mode of your heart?
By what magnitude should I express my love?


That day, when my body was on its metabolism
The lowest …

My eyes accommodated disbelief …
Is it true that caught by my optici nervi ??

In your sms …
You say, I am the nucleus of your life …
You say, if you’re flagelatta, then I’m the ATP …
You say, if you’re inflammatory, I’m prostaglandin …

Are you sure ??
You got me hypertension
Physiological and tachycardi
Instruct your tympani membrane to hear
All my vertebral discussions say …

“Every cardiac output I need
Pacemaker from you.
Every detail of your glossus moves stimulates
My sympathetic nerves. “

“Your good wishes are like diazepam …
The words “do not cry, love” you like
Valium for me …
And when you go … it feels like
Immunosuppression for me … “

What happened to me??

Love you say ??
I never heard Dorland say it …
Which journal I can get Randomized
Control Trial with Double Blind about it ??

Diagnose me …
Infuse me with electrolyte fluid “I’m yours” …
And we will activate the entire organ system
We are together …
Until brain stem death separates us


My dear….
Finally today I have finished the 3rd run.
It turns out that triglyceride methanolysis should
Takes place endothermically
With the aid of Grace Davison base catalyst at an optimum temperature of 70oC.

So many design processes
Intangible stoichiometry
Mass balance equation and energy balance
Which we have calculated so far.

Whether it’s a volumetric flow rate,
Concentration slurry, power pump, pressure drop, friction factor
As well as heat loss that easily change over time
Which follows the integral equation dT / dx.

I still remember when counting your Reynold Number.
It turns out your NRe is over 10,000
Which indicates the degradation of your original flow pattern.
I was too selfish
In regulating your emotional control system,
The temperature of your heart and the concentration of your feelings.

I am so selfish to change your transformation.
All that I do solely
So that the thermodynamics of our reaction takes place
Effectively and efficiently
In order for our love reactants to be perfectly converted 100%
With a reaction yield greater than 85%.

My dear….
Suppose we can transfer our hot romance.
It does not matter whether it is conduction, convection or radiation.
Provided according to the laws of einstein relativity E = mc2
And the ideal PV = nRT.

Certainly my love and love molecules are united
Forming a stable compound
With a strong double-atom bond,
Can not be affected by the attractiveness of free radicals
Which is not responsible and pollute the active surface.

I’m sure,
We can certainly form a homogeneous solution
Where at every point in the liver of our hearts
Have the same concentration.

Although the barriers in our hearts are so strong and thick,
Is not the concentration of our hearts can be the same
If we humble ourselves
To diffuse? Let me alone who diffuses,
My concentration is higher than your concentration?

The compound of our love would be safe to keep
Because the flash point is high.
Low viscosity,
As low as the diesel viscosity before injection
Into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine.

And also boiling point that does not exceed 100oC,
And not as explosive as trinitroglycerin.
And I also do not want the structure of our love
As complex as synthetic plastic polymers,
Let alone the amount of enzyme that acts as a biocatalyst.

My dear….
I do not care what Perry says. Mc Cabe, Geankoplis,
Brownell, Coulson, Smith, Van Ness
Or Himmelblau about design reactor our love.
Let us design ourselves
How high our distillation column is.
How thick are our flanges.

If the cost estimation is appropriate,
I will make you as strong as cooling tower
And elegant evaporator,
And as beautiful as continuous stirred tank reactor.

I’ll equip you with a heat exchanger,
Vaporizer, condenser, coil, filters, buble cup, storage tank,
Even if I need to add a hydrocarbon fractionation column.
And as your agitator I add picth blade turbine just yes.

My dear….
Sorry for all this
I was preoccupied with Operation Chemical Engineering,
Applications and Numerical Computing.
Every day I’m always face to face
With Mbak Thermodynamics Chemical Engineering,
My friend is mas Transfer

Mass-Heat and Momentum, calculus
And my coworkers are cute twins
Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reaction Technique,
As well as my boarding friend is om Chemical Engineering Design,
As well as the beautiful Miss Chemical Process Chemicals
Which always comes in every dream
And fascinating my intellectual passion.

Sorry also if in secret
I’m dating a fixed bed reactor,
Dating Evaporator same, dinner the same plugflow reactor,
And a weekly night with a fermentor.

But right now I’m really falling in love

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