Best Aaha Tamatar Poem

Aaha Tamatar Poem
Aaha Tamatar Poem

Best Aaha Tamatar Poem – Hindi Poems. Reading poem about love is a pleasure for you. Poem of love evokes your sincere love for someone. He would love to love you poem in read. In love poem a lot of fun things that you can express. You can make love poems as gifts for loved ones. Everyone loves a love poem depicting mood. Just like you, i love you poem. Love is a beautifully etched poem in the well-verse of the word. The words contained in the poem on love so evoke anyone who read it. Let alone love poem for her, love poem for him, poem for my love or love poem for the dear ones around us. Love poems are words that tell the voice of your heart. Love poems also describe your longing, deep joy.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Best Aaha Tamatar Poem

Want me to hug you
Greatly wanted
I want to go in all your curves
Warm and tranquil bursts like sulks.

Want me to hug you
Circle your fragile body
Simply put
As simple as the shoot of my longing for you.

Want me to hug you
Caress your head feathers the universe
Fondue the smell that is being married there
Breathe in a red lick beetle.

Want me to hug you
Dragged you into my body
Warm us who are always faithful to the poles
Burns love that almost crystallizes.

Want me to hug you
Make you a figure I can always remember
I make you the always red color in my brain
Until I disappeared in the swallow no.

Want me to hug you
Talk to you with your heart
Without a limpless voice without lips and no lies
I want to lift up his masked lakon defense.

Want me to hug you
Makes you a tasbih bracelet that I can hold
While my god is my god
Stories about us that will never end.

Want me to hug you
Throw you into sam’a
Let you look like a dwarf cotton in a breeze
And landed you in the blasted orange of hell.

Want me to hug you
Whispering mantra to you spell binding heart
Because first you already know this color
I’m hanging with a red raffia rope at the end of my heart.

Want me to hug you
Think of someone who once rubbed your face
You’re a coin, you get the word out from his mouth
Apparently now the time justify all the words, it turns out.

Want me to hug you
Teach you how to love
To know the rain and the dark roar
Let you feel what pain.

Want me to hug you
Say the last voice to you lover
After today we are earth and sky
Who will never meet again even though we miss each other.

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