Acrostic Poem On Mother

Acrostic Poem On Mother
Acrostic Poem On Mother

Acrostic Poem On Mother – Speaking of family, everyone will immediately remember the father, grandparent, grandmother, mother, child, sister, daugther, bothers, and the warmth of the household. Yes, some personnel and one such situation are the main factors underlying the formation of the family. Without personnel or conditions, the family will not function properly.

The family is family.

We laugh, misunderstand, quarrel, true, sometimes silent, mingle again, laugh again, then offend, then accuse each other, then cry, then sad, then wake up again, then laugh again, and so, and like that, and so on … But that’s family. Without it, we are nothing.

Let’s be grateful for our family.

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Acrostic Poem On Mother

Your presence really warms me up
Your guidance saves me
Although sometimes hard as steel
But you’re soft as silk

Your patience is what changed me
The thread of your prayer is cleansing my soul
You continue to pray in the presence of the Master of Life
Take me to happiness

You mean a lot to me
Even you are more than an angelless angel
Your heart always embraces my fragile heart
Thank you mother…

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