Who is Aeschylus Agamemnon?

Whos is Aeschylus
Whos is Aeschylus

Who is Aeschylus Agamemnon?

An Ancient Greek playwright, Aeschylus, once wrote something about experience. “The reward of suffering is expreince,” he said. The most beautiful grace ever given by suffering is experience. In other words a lesson.

Aeschylus was born 525 BC in Ealeusis west of the city of Athens. And he knows what suffering is. He was nicknamed “father of tragedy”. Because he is indeed an ancient playwright of the tragedies and sufferings that almost find no match.

There are many signs and signs that give us lessons. But what can we do, our memories are too dull to mark the signs and draw lessons. A thousand gestures burst in front of the eyes and overhead, but what prostitutes, sensations as if destined never belong to us.

If there is a disaster, we who live now, open the first people who feel it. If the tragedy surrounds and rolls up, the man is now, not the first man to experience it. So it is with grace, today, again, we are not the first to receive it.

History is always repeated. Only time and space are different. History always happens again. Only events and plays change. And ought, experience gives us useful lessons. How to avoid calamities. How to receive grace.

In the past, Noah had been an example of how humans could survive the looming water. In the past, the prophet Joseph has been memakwilkan dream how should face the stifling famine. Similarly, Moses and Ibrahim, have also taught how to deal with unjust rulers.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” the saying goes. Nothing new under this sky. And it is too much if we, today’s human beings, can not take from the policies of the past.

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