A Beautiful Poem For My Wife

Poem For My Wife
Poem For My Wife

A Beautiful Poem For My Wife – Speaking of family, everyone will immediately remember the father, grandparent, grandmother, mother, child, sister, daugther, bothers, and the warmth of the household. Yes, some personnel and one such situation are the main factors underlying the formation of the family. Without personnel or conditions, the family will not function properly.

The family is family.

We laugh, misunderstand, quarrel, true, sometimes silent, mingle again, laugh again, then offend, then accuse each other, then cry, then sad, then wake up again, then laugh again, and so, and like that, and so on … But that’s family. Without it, we are nothing.

Let’s be grateful for our family.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, realigous poems, romantic poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

A Beautiful Poem For My Wife

On this day the sun shines
It was as if he had opened himself up from the past
Just alone
And sometimes covered

The tempting spots of his seductive rain seemed ashamed to be revealed
I have no idea
Maybe behind it he cried
Tidy and hope what can understand it
Still keep quiet waiting

Behind the clouds he was moved
Through from all day
Step slowly but surely
All that he continues to live

Although sometimes not appreciated
All he wanted was to be alone
Patience and hope this tired bring her in peace
At the time of change and stand …

For what in fear of love
Do not hesitate to love
Respect from all decisions of the heart
That is the light of life

Trust your heart
This gift is from the divine
Attackers of all hearts
The solace of my soul

I feel the warm beauty of the sun
Woke me from this deep sleep
Your bright light starts to enter your eyes
And cast me out of the realm of dreams

And now I hurry to prepare myself immediately
Tuk to start today
I can not wait to meet all the smiling friends
Welcome this morning

And I say ..
Good morning!!
Dew moistens the world and begins today

And I say:
Good morning!!

The chirping of birds is singing and now I am ready to live today.
Now rush your slave to start living today

The silent air is so beautiful
Presenting the sun ball
With yellow light

I remember you
Down in the corner of the room
Singing without words
My longing embroidered the prayer latch
Tirelessly …
For your beautiful morning
Good morning…

Days yesterday, however good or bad has passed
Today is the time to see the bright blue sky.

Glittering sunlight in the grass
Birds chirp with pride,
Invite us to join in his joy

Morning is God’s way to remind all of us,
That God always loves us
That there will always be hope.

Good morning dear
Have a good day

The silent air is so beautiful
Presenting the sun ball
With yellow light
I remember you

Down in the corner of the room
Singing without words
My longing embroidered the prayer latch
Tirelessly ….

For your beautiful morning
Good morning….

Sheen in the eastern horizon
Promising a million wishes
The starting point slowly
Making the earth a hope seed
Good morning .. may this day be your day

The time at the crossroads,
Hesitate to set direction,
When pigeons convey a message,
Shooting stars emit bright
Good morning me ..

Because the sun is back ..
The moon disappears …
Kutilang chirping, welcome this morning bright ..
Met morning love .. may my self always be hearted

Wake up .. Wake up my love.
Look at dear?
This morning is beautiful on the terpa sang bayu.
My hymn song calls you.
Just a matter of time overnight for a moment to sleep.

This morning I love you again ..
Say hello to your love.
I gave my sweet smile to you.
Blooming back in the terra of our love dunes.

Good morning, my dear…
Let’s welcome today with the spirit of our love.
Always beautiful in every step.
In every tread of love we always give way.

I pray for you dear …
May your day be beautiful.
Pick up the future of joy and love.
I’m here waiting for you.
Come when you’re tired.
My love is offering you thrill and sorrow.

Little by little you appear with your kilaum
Bring the sky and the back of the mountain
Give your warmest wishes in the morning

And, I smiled behind my bedroom window
Looking at you is not blinking
The natural beauty is amazing

Thank you for greeting me this morning
You’re always on time
Torehkan bright colors start life

Enjoy every warm touch you have
Make me smile freely on the world
Good morning Sun.

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