Love Poem For My Wife

Love Poem For My Wife
Love Poem For My Wife

Love Poem For My Wife – Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Love Poem For My Wife

No Lies

There is no lie and treacherous among us dear ..
Always be honest, hold the mandate of the holy conscience
In order to peaceful heart peace and glorious beautiful life
Overflowing with mercy with the blossom of happy flowers

My wife ..
For being lies and treacherous
Will only grant wounds
Black trip and stain point
Leave ethics, lose dignity

Then there is no lie and treachery
Among us dear ..
Do not slip us
Lulled in the waves of neglect,
Drifted in the stream of forgetfulness.
For this life is not a proper divine message
Treated with affection, love peace and sincere heart faithful

Sincerity, honesty and trustworthiness are the keys
Toward the life of the beautiful holy
May God’s grace and pleasure be reconciled

Soul Edits

For you..
Accept my soul editing
The loyalty of a dove that never breaks a promise
Honesty charm of a moon orchid that never lie
The beauty of eidelwis flowers that never wilted
Noble noble love lasting everlasting

An area of ​​the ocean with its blue waves and colors
A beautiful lazuardi with a golden moon and a brilliant star
In your heart in my heart is woven
Love of peace love for the life of others
White hospitality and the grace of the beautiful nature of the universe

Because of your love for you
Deeply ingrained bone marrow
So if your body hurts I feel pain
If your fever feels cold
If your heart hurt I felt the knife

O my wife ..
Then for you to accept my soul editing
My heart, my soul, for eternity
Compassion is sincere
Together let’s go
Along with the lights
Sail a wavy searus to his dock.

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