Beautiful Rainbow Poem

Beautiful Rainbow Poem
Beautiful Rainbow Poem

Beautiful Rainbow Poem – Beautiful Poems. After the rain happens sometimes you see the curvature of light in the sky consisting of various colors or what we usually call a rainbow! Somehow there is a feeling of wonder when we see the rainbow. The rainbow is an optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight and rain react with each other in a certain way. Rainbows are formed because of the refractory sunlight. This ray moves from one medium to another by droplets of water in the atmosphere. That is the rainbow

Beautiful Rainbow Poem

Beautiful rainbow
Spread stretches across the sky high
What a beautiful color you are
I really want to see you always.

Beautiful rainbow
You’re so far away
I will not be able to touch you
Can only look at your beauty from the earth.

Beautiful rainbow
In every raindrop I’m always waiting for you
Waiting for your beautiful high color
Waiting for you to stretch the soul.

Beautiful rainbow
I want to be like you
Being a beautiful color after black
Became a smile after tears.

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