The Best Collection of Children’s Poem

The Best Collection of Children’s Poem

The task of making children’s poems can not be separated from the tasks of the kindergarten and elementary school children. Sometimes as a parent, will be confused to help our children in making them poetry.

Here is a collection of child poems you can sample or you develop as an overview to create a child’s poem as a workmanship task for your children. With several themes that are closely related to schoolchildren such as parks, animals, teachers, natural beauty, and others.

Children’s Poems – My Flower Garden

My flower garden
When I see
Hatipun happy
My beauty is beautiful
Very interesting

My flower garden
Always chanted
Never wither
Because I’m sad

Oh wind from all the longing
Stop by my garden
Spread my fragrant flower
To all directions

Children’s Poems – Roses

Roses oh roses
Bloom you now
So beautiful you look
Your stems are thorny
As I click you stab my hand
But I’m not angry

Because you smell fragrant
I will take care every day
I watch all day long

Children’s Poems – My country is America

My country is America

Beautiful and beautiful

To me oh

Once America remains America

It will never be replaced

I keep my spirit

Though foreigners colonize you

I’m defending you all the time

America my country

Be faithful and I love

Children’s Poems – Rabbit


White eyelash

Very soft

Your ears are long

Good looking

My skull is jumping up and down

When I approached

Your teeth are long

Eat carrots

My rabbit

You are my beloved

Children’s Poems – Wish I Had Wings

I wish I had wings

Like a bird

If I have wings

I can fly

Until outer space

I wish I had wings

I can see the breadth of the earth

Its green and beautiful

Children’s Poems – Rainbow

Your rainbow is so beautiful

In the blue sky

If I can fly

I’ll see the rainbow

Oh, God meet me

To palangi

I want to meet

Children’s Poems – The Greenery

How beautiful you are

Make me fascinated

So I feel dreaming

It’s in this world

You are the realm that I love

Decorated by trees

The flowers are fragrant and beautiful

Until it becomes greenish

In my eyes and in the eyes of others

Children’s Poems – Bee

Bees, you suck the flowers

To make honey

O bee

Do not you sting me

O bee

Make a very nice honey

Oh bee …

Children’s Poems – Rabbit


The color is red

Your ears are very smooth

Your face is so cute and innocent

When I give carrots

You eat with gusto


You’re my best friend

Children’s Poems – My School Clean

Every day I clean you up

In order for you to feel comfortable and beautiful

Also clean

I’m very happy

See my clean school.


Children’s Poems — Flying butterfly

Oh, beautiful butterflies

Oh, butterfly

You’re flying in my sky

You’re sucking flowers

You’re flying overhead

I see you

Very beautiful

Oh, my beautiful butterflies

Children’s Poems – Lightning

It’s a dark day

There was lightning to my house

I am very scared

All citizens are frightened

See the lightning

Oh, God Almighty

In this world

Go on the lightning!

Children’s Poems – Night

A very beautiful night

Decorated with stars and moon

I like the night

A very lovely evening

Sometimes there is a falling star

At night the stars are scattered

Oh, night

You are so beautiful

Children’s Poems

My Real Friend

You are my true friend

You are so kind

Likes to help friends

I’m so excited

You like to help me

I’m glad to see you

Children’s Poems – My cat

I love him so much

Every day invites him to play

The colors are beautiful

Never changes

Until I feel happy

I am very happy

Every day I feed him

Also give him a drink

Children’s Poems – Holiday Has Arrived

Beautiful morning

I hurried to school

A roar

School bells

I enjoy the beautiful times

Warm Sapa With Friends

Cultivate laughter with friends

Demanding science I muster


For the sake of reaching the future

Brain ability is weak

Silent to feel tired

Waiting for the beautiful days

And I welcome the school holidays

Children’s Poems – Dear Master

Sapa warm full of spirit smile

You have a useful knowledge

For the sake of your students give advice

Glorious service shake the hereafter

The natural sunlit singing song

Light the dream like a sun

The future of the nation you have striven for

Sacrifice time for the future

It’s briliant I say

The beloved teacher of the natural model

Your great service is unforgettable

I sent a poem to you a hero

These are some collections of children’s poems that you can use to help your children in doing poetry work from school. You can also develop it to get better and interesting results according to the child’s imagination.


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