Best Poem About Life

Best Poem About Life
Best Poem About Life

Best Poem About Life. Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, realigous poems, romantic poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Best Poem About Life

A glass of hot coffee is served in a quiet banquet,
has subsided to half. some of it evaporated
together with knots and blows, others are sucked and melted
in me. concentrated as if not giving the least space
on the moon to refract the depth, except the shadow
which seems blurry.

In the unlit sky, I stared for a moment.
the moonlit septation of moonlight wailed
deserted, uncompleted blank landscaping
between me being paused spaces. and nature recalls
travel along breezy jealousy flowers
who want to mingle.

Half the glass I left untouched, he was getting locked up
on the constant concentrated struggle. momentarily before the sound,
I winked with the wist of the moon’s face
who are busy pulling clouds,
a blanket at the gap limit.

Concerned matter, not merely cause cause
presumably more than a couple of events.
like my old accumulated past

In fact, time is only a continuous beat
tomorrow or the day after, in a variety of possibilities:
half a glass will sink into the dregs,
carrying dense then dried and crusting.
or disappear into the magical drizzle tomorrow
which is not always bright.

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