Best Poem About Education

Poem About Education
Poem About Education

Best Poem About Education

Poem About Education – Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Who They Are Complicating

And they were running tearing fate
Among the worn-out streets was hit by steel wheeled shadows
Singing a happy tone kick
In fact, just despair of a forgotten soul

The morning is still ahead
Hands are already open up,
Instead of praying to the loving ones
But begging the love of the pancasila capital

They are only small soldiers
Shouting rights through resignation
Education is just a utopia in front of the eye
A mirage embraced with imaginary shadows

For them, only the stomach to live
Not a book that could be read
For them, only the streets of the school as well as the world
Not seats and teachers who preach

Where is the place of pancasila that humanity
As the world becomes more capitalist
While they scavenge and cry

We, what do we do for them?
Who are they to mangadu?
Only through the wounded song between the noisy motor
Just by complaining begging for a dime
Only through prayers that the leaders of the nation do not hear

Youth Youth

My Youth Boy …
Keep learning for the progress of your nation
Achieve high ideals that
Soaring up to the 7th sky

My Youth Boy …
Claim the science horizon to the ends of the world
Because you will never know
War of thought that will continue to hit at any time

My Youth Boy …
Do not give up and despair in realizing your dreams
Keep trying and boost your spirits

My Youth Boy …
Do not expect with the others
Because the willing to sacrifice it can only be calculated with numbers

My Youth Boy …
This is the time … Get up and do it
Do not get lost or careless

My Youth Boy …
Do what you can
Because today is not necessarily the same as tomorrow
So, do not allow the resolutions to come rebellious
To make your country worse off

My Youth Boy …
The fate of this nation is now in your hands
Yes you guys … Because you are the light of the nation
Therefore your rays are always waiting
To continue to illuminate the country …


My school, is
Where to study
The place where I was educated, guided, so I grew into a nation’s lamp
The science that accompanies my step, becomes a myriad of achievements with a smile of pride ..

He’s my teacher,
Who cultivated my performance seeds,
So that I grow up to be a nation’s lamp.

Do you know who made me like this?
He is my Teacher,
Who by training me unconditionally,
And the spirit of hard work!

My school ..
On your behalf I bring my achievements,
On your behalf I bring your good name,
And, in your name I became a lamp of the nation, my school


I’m an outback boy
I have the ability
But to study alone I am distress
There is no possible means

I’m an outback boy
For you
Who claimed to be a man of magnitude
Try to value the meaning of education

I’m an outback boy
I want to cry like you
Live with all the luxury
Go to a place of refreshment
Berbangku even air-conditioned

But look at me even us
An outback child lives a life
For the sake of education and cleverness

I cried so badly
Make you sensitive to make you conscious
Consciously aware you guys are living well
Do not you guys are worth it
Hear our news


Dear friend ………
Find as much science as possible
And no end
Achieve your goals as you wish

Provide your life with a lot of knowledge
Learn diligently and diligently
Do not despair
In the face of all the challenges and obstacles that exist

Make yourself like the sun
Which ceaselessly emits light
And friends … do not forget to pray
For what you aspire to be realized.


Tree shade …
Chirping of birds …
Accompany my footsteps ..
i’m up … skip …
To gain knowledge …

So far …. where I’m studying …
Sweat that dripped on my body ..
Would not be a reason for me ..

Oh, God…
So heavy my days ..
Dizaman of this technology …
We go to school barefoot …

I went through all the obstacles facing …
Past a steep valley ..
Cross the tributary …
to scoop a dream terelubung in wishful thinking …

O ….. the ruler ….
Listen … hear ….
Why my life is so different … with city kids …
At the time i was studying ..
Rains of rain water wet …
Our little hut …
Water droplets start to wet my book …

The spirit still enveloped me ….
Become a nation of achievers ……
And stringing dreams ….

What’s so hard?
The hard part is the will

School Free

Free it means
Not spend a penny

If the government has set
The school is free
Means the people do not have to pay
A dime

To build a building
To build this
That and this

If the government has
Eliminate school
But there are still schools
Who bawled his pupils

Means School is not free

Do not take a reason
This is to justify
Logging on students

Do not use ruse
To memalak guardian pupils

If the school is free
People can use
Money for other needs

To eat
For sightseeing
To be happy

But, which government
Who says the school is free?

Poem About Education 2017
Poem About Education 2017

Yours sincerely to my Master

My teacher
I do not care
How old are you
How much is your salary

What is your religion

You are willing
Work professionally
To educate me
Train me
And taught me

It’s God’s fate
To be my guide

You are predestined by God
To play a role in the history of my life

Best Regards, My Master

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