The Best Poems About Love

Best Poems About Love
Best Poems About Love

The Best Poems About Love – Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, realigous poems, romantic poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

The Best Poems About Love

Meaning Yourself to Me

in the cold of my soul
You are there holding my heart tightly
In the solitude of my conscience
You accompany me with intimacy

In my mental turmoil
You’re here to cheer me up
In the loneliness of my night
You are present in the beauty of my dream

Nothing I’ve thought of all this time
Unless I feel mean with you
will I swing this step
Along with the longing rhythm

longing will always blanket my heart
There’s nothing beautiful for you
Because you’re everything to me
forever with the breath of life

in a lonely soul
the colors of your rainbow smile are created
no one can deny it
really, you are so beautiful in my eyes

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