At the End of Death Poem – Best Sad Poems

End of Death Poem
End of Death Poem

At the End of Death Poem – Best Sad Poems. Death is not something we can avoid but a matter which we must face, therefore we must prepare ourselves to face death. If you talk about death problems this may be so scary because it is a death image that is scary.

I never thought that death could inspire people to make a poem, which I now refer to as a death poem. Why this death poem can be formed, because when one imagines the day of deathless  then at that very moment your heart will be like in the iris. Because my friend will certainly feel that the death was very fast. At a time of mood that is carried away in the sadness will usually lower an idea to form something related to the feeling that he is experiencing at this time.

As an example of where the creation of this death poem was in which the sadness that dissolved in him because he might see the person he loved had met death, he tried to create a death poem. Okay buddy because I have prepared the poem please please see his poetry and enjoy. Here is a death poem.

At the End of Death Poem

O the inhabitants of the natural earth all the same
Who has heart, sense and mind
O high-ranking officials and thrones
Conscious, conscious and conscious

Because the earth and nature more fragile like bone and porous wood
O owners of the abundant sins prostrate themselves to the god
O owners of property
Your wealth is not taken away

O humans are arrogant and angry
Be aware that heaven can not be redeemed with your anger,
Because heaven can not be redeemed with your treasure
Lives, treasure only deposit

Remember and conscious all will die
All destroyed
That’s the end of it all
Not left

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