English Poems For Class 5

English Poems For Class 5
English Poems For Class 5

English Poems For Class 5 – Best Children Poems. Children’s poems are part of the literary poetry category that is widely circulated among us. Poem about children describes children’s life, children’s dreams, or children’s way of thinking written in poetry poems. Poem for kids are usually themed: sad child poems, happy child poems, children poems about nature, children’s poems to parents, family children poetry, children’s day poems, children’s birthday poems or children’s dream poems. Poetry for childrend is very good for the development of the child’s soul becomes more cheerful, more active and certainly in the corridor something positive. So, Wardanword poetry may be an inspiration for our children to be better.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or sentences jostling for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love that these love poems are dedicated to you. May be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

English Poems For Class 5

For the Hero of My Country

For my country …
Crushed limb bones
Blooded whole body
Swim with heart-warming sweat

I am willing for my homeland
Bold red flags
White nan holy
Waving in the wind

Tears pouring while praying
For the country hero
Dusty sand
Grateful love only to the hero of the universe
Only your services can be seen
Only your service can I remember

Your body is destroyed lost somewhere
For the sake of your blood …
For your bones …
I will fight for my country
Thank you my country heroes

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