How to Fall a Sleep at Night?

How to Fall a Sleep at Night
How to Fall a Sleep at Night

How to Fall a Sleep at Night?

Getting enough sleep, especially at night, of course, becomes very important, because it involves health, people who lack of sleep hours result in decreased immune system.

In studies conducted by experts, showed that lack of sleep provides some adverse effects such as weight problems, mental melancholy and lack of enthusiasm in daily activities. To the very worst is a health problem like heart disease, which of course we do not want it.

Actually there are many people who know that sleep is very important, but in practice, many people who sleep less for several reasons such as work to be completed, game games, open facebook and the like.

With a good night’s sleep, making all activities or work done in the morning will be able to walk more smoothly, because the body is fit.

The lifestyle that he says is modern in recent times has ruined the nighttime sleep schedule of many people, so the activities that are done become a mess of the planned schedule.

1. Relax your body and mind before bed

That is first, stop all the activity being done, it is recommended half an hour before you just start to sleep, stop all the heavy activities (draining the mind).

The goal is that your mind can be more calm, in addition to body muscles become relaxed.

In order for the body to be more relaxed at night, then during the afternoon (at 4-5 pm) it is advisable to drink warm tea is delicious, thus making the body comfortable. This can eliminate fatigue, stress, etc., so that the positive impact on the night.

In the afternoon, do not forget to take a bath, because there are many benefits that are obtained by bathing in the afternoon, such as cleaning the dirt and germs in the body, after a day, so with a clean and fresh body helps to sleep fast in the day.

The next benefit is to relax and calm the nerves of the mind, so as to avoid stress and can sleep soundly later, then the benefits can also stabilize and maintain body temperature, which also helps the process of sleep.

Take a deep breath once in a while, so the body gets more oxygen intake, and blood flows more smoothly, and the mind becomes more relaxed.

2. Turn off the gadget at least 30 minutes before bedtime

Many of the positive and negative influences that arise from the use of the gadget in everyday life. The discussed this time is the influence of gadgets on the quality of sleep someone.

The desire to continue to play favorite gadgets, resulting in nighttime routines become disrupted. So it is advisable to turn off the gadget.

If you do not want to turn off the gadget, it can be kept away from the reach of the hand, like putting it on the table, a chair far from where you sleep at night.

Experts explain, the use of gadgets with LED screens that emit blue light, can inhibit the production of the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin hormone is needed the body to be sleepy. With the disruption of the production of the hormone melatonin, it can damage the body’s biological clock, which makes hours of sleep become chaotic.

The study, published in, concerns luminous electronic devices that emit optical radiation and lower the hormone melatonin.

Inhibition of the production of the hormone melatonin due to exposure to light at night, is also associated with increased risk of the body terekna disease. The impact of light from the tube monitor (CRT) also affects the decrease in the hormone melatonin.

The results showed that the average concentration of melatonin after exposure to computer monitors (including laptops) may be reduced slightly, which may affect the sleep quality of a person at night

The study, conducted by the BMJ Open health foundation, found out that sleep-sleep SOL (sleep-onset latency) or long-term sleep may be affected and disturbed by the presence of electronic devices, especially where there is a light-emitting screen.

Short-wavelength waves produced by gadget screens result in inhibition of melatonin hormone production as a result of drowsiness.

It causes the circadian ‘circadian’ rhythm to be disturbed, until finally making someone more difficult to sleep.

3. Also turn off the television

Because the events that are on television, not infrequently make people to sleep late, until finally stay up, it is not good if you want to get good sleep quality, especially if you want to sleep fast at night.

Just like the light generated from the gadget, the light generated from the television can also decrease the production of the hormone melatonin.

Sleeping habits while listening to music, watching television to fall asleep to let the lights in the room brightly lit, he said could make more quickly fall asleep.

But in fact after awakening they are feeling tense (stress), mind is stuffy and there is fatigue in the body. Until someone feels as if it’s like not sleeping all night.

That’s because while sleeping, the brain never sleeps. The brain always runs its activities although not as busy as when awake, the body just run the body’s metabolic system.

When we sleep while listening to music until the television is alive, the sound waves or the emitted light will still be received by the sense of hearing and sight,

Light waves can still penetrate the eyelids and are received by the retina and the eyepiece, which are then passed on to the brain.

So that the brain should rest, will be re-aroused to active as awake and work processing information that enters.

If this goes on all night, then it’s called sleeping on the outer body, but not on the brain. The brain will continue to work until fatigue during the night, so when waking up in the morning, the body is less fit, and the spirit does not exist.

4. Clean and put the bed

Before lying down on your favorite mattress then trim the bed first by flicking the sheets, blankets and pillows, the goal is to clean the fine dust and make the bed tidy, thus helping to sleep comfort.

Beds usually consist of beds, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, blankets (blanket), and bed cover (bed cover). From some parts it must get different treatment, because the contamination level is different.

Beds were mild maintenance. Simply cleaned every 3 weeks. Cleaning only with a wet cloth cloth to lift dust attached.

Mattress, there are 2 types, namely kapok and spring. Cotton mattress with sunning every 3 weeks, if possible every 2 weeks, if not troublesome.

For spring mattress, just in vacuum surface part, if wet newly dried, the same frequency that is every 3 weeks.

Pillow where the head, which is susceptible to absorb more sweat, so it needs to be dried every 1 week. If the pillow is exposed to a lot of sweat immediately replace the holster.

The bolsters dry enough every 3 weeks. Do not forget to replace the glove if it looks a bit dirty or exposed to sweat.

Blankets are also quite often exposed to sweat in our body, so it can smell and moldy, so wash blankets every 1-2 weeks.

Bed cover (bed cover) most often in contact with the skin of the body, so it needs more often cleaned. Wash bed linen or bedding every 1 week.

5. Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights makes the atmosphere more calm and comfortable, it is advisable to sleep in a pitch black, which makes sleep quality very good, which helps us to sleep fast at night.

As for sleeping at night with the lights on, it is not good for the health of the body, even the researchers mention the harmful effects such as increasing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders and diabetes.

Prof. Russle Reiter from Texas University who led the study said “Once you sleep and do not turn off the lights for 1 minute only. Your brain immediately detects that the lights are on all day and the production of the melatonin substances decreases. “

This melantonini substance is very necessary body, work to stimulate the body to be able to sleep in the day, consequently helping someone to sleep at night, as well as to sleep soundly and quality.

6. Use the blindfold

When you really have trouble closing your eyes, there is no harm in using a blindfold, where the goal prevents 100% of the eye from being exposed to light, so as to send stimuli to the brain to help the process of resting the body and mind.

If there is still light in the room (because the light comes from outside the room) then the choice of using a blindfold is pretty good

7. Focus your mind to sleep

This is very important for the process of fast sleep at night, it is important to forget all thoughts about the world that has been passed through the day.

Forget about everyday busyness done, and focus to rest. To achieve this ‘forgetting’ success, avoid things that can trigger, such as because of debt in the bank, better diihndari, especially if it will be difficult to pay.

By living a simple life, and free of debt and other things that make the mind stale, then this helps us to sleep with a comfortable mind, so it can easily sleep quickly at night.

8. Calcium intake is enough for the body

Calcium is known as a nutritious nutrient for health and bone strength. In addition, the intake of calcium in the body serves to relax the nervous system, which helps sleep soundly and comfortably.

A study found the benefits of kasium that can make a person fall asleep. Researchers show that sleep is affected by calcium activity in nerve cells.

“In a study conducted on mice, we found that calcium plays a role in helping insomniacic mice sleep, we believe that the same results can be experienced by humans,” said Hiroki Ueda, a researcher at the University of Tokyo in Japan.

Insomnia (insomnia) to be one complaint that is often experienced by people. Difficulty sleeping, making it difficult to sleep early in the night, and result in poor sleep.

“We urge people who have sleep disorders like insomnia, to eat foods and drinks rich in calcium to get better sleep,” said Hiroki Ueda.

Food sources of calcium such as avocado, banana, cheese, tofu, almonds, broccoli, spinach, salmon, yogurt and oranges

9. Be a diligent person exercising

Do regular exercise every day, as suggested jogging 20-30 minutes in the morning.

There are many benefits of exercise that is healthy body and mind, and encourage us to live a more seha lifestyle, including helping to sleep quickly at night, also to sleep more soundly.

Exercise can relieve stress and evoke a positive (mood) mood. In addition to exercising in the morning, you occasionally can also exercise in the afternoon (if the day is not a morning exercise).

Exercising in the afternoon (midway between ashar time and maghrib), will raise the body temperature a few hours before bedtime. As the body prepares for sleep, the body temperature begins to decline.

Well, the process of decreasing body temperature is what makes you become drowsy, so it is easier to sleep fast at night.

Shawn Youngstedt, Ph.D, a researcher from the University of California, analyzed 38 studies involving the relationship between exercise and sleep. In conclusion, that the heat generated by the body when exercising to make sleep to be better and soundly.

Adapu for night sports can improve a person’s sleep quality, but may not apply to some people.

Better to exercise with a longer time, compared to passing a harder sport. That’s because it affects the soundness or absence of someone’s sleep is the duration of exercise, not the severity of exercise or type of exercise.

So that suggested is a light exercise such as gymnastics floor, cycling, swimming, jongging relaxed, walking on tradmill and so on.

Research conducted on a group of insomniacs (insomnia) shows that they have problems such as sparse exercise, and exposure to sunlight.

The group that exercises that will automatically routinely bask in the morning, experience better sleep time. In order to avoid the difficulty sleeping, avoid drinks containing alcohol.

10. Perform therapeutic movements

When lying in bed, you can take a deep breath, then stop breathing for 10 seconds, then repeat until 3 or more of this movement.

In research conducted by experts show that this kind of movement is useful to reduce brain wave activity, thus making the body can quickly to the early stage before bed.

11. Apply pressure on the soles for 5 minutes

Therapy to apply pressure on the soles of the feet (such as a walk in the room) about a few minutes useful to help you to sleep fast.

This is because the fingers and soles of the feet are actually directly related to brain organs, so with a walk for 5 minutes before bed is useful to push the nerves of the brain to be comfortable and relaxed so it is easier to sleep.

12. Use a good mattress

When the mattress is too old like the middle of which is more deflated compared with the sides, then this is good, which can make sleep difficult.

So it is advisable to replace it with a new one, in order to make you able to sleep more comfortably, and able every day to sleep the night quickly.

13. Do not consume heavy food before bed

Because this is so that the stomach is not full when sleeping, which is certainly not healthy for the body, as well as cause tergenggangganggunya your sleep process.

So that a heavy meal at night, do at least 90 minutes before bedtime. Suppose you want to sleep at 9 pm, then a (heavy) dinner is done at 7.30 pm.

On top of 7:30 pm is not a heavy meal. When close to bedtime, only allowed to consume snacks only,

As in general, should eat sufficiently, avoid excessive eating, because many bad consequences,

14. Eliminate everything that makes you wake up in the middle of the night

If you often wake up in the middle of the night just to turn off the air conditioner or fan due to cold, then this will greatly disturb your sleep.

So what you need to do is set the timer on the AC or the fan, if there is no timer then you need to set the air conditioner or fan so as not too cold settingannya.

The cool and dark bed is very helpful to sleep faster and better quality. Wearing a blanket is one way to maintain body warmth (when the body is cold at night).

If frequent night sweats, there are things that can be done so that the body does not swelter. Mattress cooling pad is able to keep body temperature down (to normal temperature level), and can draw sweat from skin.

15. Perform breathing therapy

Stress can make a person difficult to get to sleep quickly. Mental condition is less good impact on physical conditions such as heart pounding fast, blood pressure rises, muscles experience tension. Things like this that make the body difficult to fall asleep.

Reporting from The Sydney Morning Herald, that there are simple breathing techniques that can reduce stress levels, thus making the process of sleeping easier and faster.

“Breathing greatly affects the physiology and the thinking process, including mood, by simply focusing attention on breathing without changing anything, you have moved towards relaxation,” said Harvard graduate doctor Andrew Weil.

Andrew Weil gives this breathing method of breathing, which is by breathing for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven seconds, then exhale (slowly).

Andrew Weil claims that by doing respiratory therapy like this one before bed, helping to fall asleep can be sound.

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