Famous Bismillah Poem

Famous Bismillah Poem
Famous Bismillah Poem

Famous Bismillah Poem – Religious Poems. The word Bismillah in general has the meaning of “By Calling God’s Name” is always pronounced at a time before doing any work. There are many hadiths that recommend to read Bismillah before starting a job, whatever the job except for a bad thing.

Narrated by Muslimm in a hadith shohih that Rasulullah SAW once said to Umar ibn Abu Salamah who at that time he was still in the care of the Prophet during his childhood, “Say Bismillah, eat with your right hand and eat what is near you”. Even the Ulema are obliged to read Bismillah every before eating.

Famous Bismillah Poem

Bismillah ..
I submit to the Creator ..
I know I am nobody..
Born in the heart keep trying on his way ..
And tirelessly I istiqomah dhikr to Him ..

Bismillah ..
I will accept this situation …
Sitting without walking on the earth ..
Even moving bodies can not afford to die ..
I like a perfect human being like the others, but my body like a sculpture engraved chair ..

Bismillah ..
I promise I will not complain again ..
As the tsunami struck this country ..
I’m not crying for this soul either.
Because I want the sky crying for the nation, until the dry season into the spring …

And Alhamdulilah ..
I am passing day by day without feeling this hurt ..
Because kusadar will destiny of Divine …

Kan wait for my final day ..
With a clean heart back to the Creator
Amin …

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