Find The Girl Poem

Find The Girl Poem
Find The Girl Poem

Find The Girl Poem – Reading poem about love is a pleasure for you. Poem of love evokes your sincere love for someone. He would love to love you poem in read. In love poem a lot of fun things that you can express. You can make love poems as gifts for loved ones. Everyone loves a love poem depicting mood. Just like you, i love you poem. Love is a beautifully etched poem in the well-verse of the word. The words contained in the poem on love so evoke anyone who read it. Let alone love poem for her, love poem for him, poem for my love or love poem for the dear ones around us. Love poems are words that tell the voice of your heart. Love poems also describe your longing, deep joy.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Find The Girl Poem

My girl, my heart idol …
You’re too perfect for me to have
Or just for my love
Your breath is so faint, your heartbeat is the most beautiful rhythm

Your eyes can penetrate my chest
Until clearly visible my heart is beating very hard
Your nature is gentle beyond sutra though
And as I stroke your hair, it’s the peace I feel

My girl, my heart idol …
Your perfection makes me feel so weak
Your grace makes me feel so bad
And your charisma makes me helpless to withstand the storm of love.

Ask night at noon and instead ask noon at night.
Can we be together in love?
Or else we are different in every way
Intended in love …

My girl, my heart idol …
You are the soul of my life
And my death becomes very beautiful, if you love me

Darkness will light your way
So you can see clearly the path you want to go through
The hard stumbling block becomes soft as foam
When touched the tip of your foot.
When you are about to fall,
The good angels are willing to arrest you.

The moon seemed to be out,
The stars hide behind the clouds.
They are willing to disappear,
For your beauty, radiated throughout nature.

When you smile,
When you are pensive, even when you cry.
All beings look,
They are amazed at your perfection

Oh, my God
So loving, so much is the nature of your grasp
Should I, I deserve this gift
He is too perfect to have or just to love

Oh, my God…
The good I do can still be counted on the fingers
While my mistakes exceed the amount of dust though
Is it proper that I should love and have it?
He is too perfect for me …

Maybe later when I die,
No one will cry for my departure
But if he who goes,
Even the world will shed tears.

My death is so attached to the cruel torments of hell
But my life, it’s wonderful to be with him
Even too beautiful for mankind as dark as me

My girl, my heart idol …
You are high on the throne of my heart
Which is low for you to sit on

As I slept in sleep, you are present in my dream
Keep me company, guiding my steps in the darkness of the night
Light of love, you are the light of all life
Light me and him in a circle of affection

The night did not change
And the impatient day awaits
The end of the journey of this love story …

Realize, realize the sound of reality greeting me
That he is too perfect to have
Or just to love

My girl, my heart idol …
You never existed, because you were never created
Too much of your existence in my dreams

My girl, my heart idol …
You become the most beautiful delusion
In the fates of my life’s destiny.

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