Good Night Poem For Beloved

Good Night Poem
Good Night Poem

Good Night Poem For Beloved –┬áThe latest good night poem you want to say good night with poetry? But can not assemble a good night greeting poem. Take it easy because on this occasion the admin back with the latest poem entitled Poetry Good Night after a long time did not write and share poetry on this blog can finally re-write some collection of poems good night on this blog

Night is the time when everyone is resting by sleeping or relaxing in their own home. Many people take advantage of the night to express their feelings to nearby people such as boyfriends, friends, friends and family. Therefore I try to share some poems greetings good Hopefully poetry poem below can be your reference to reveal good night with a poem.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Good Night Poem For Beloved

Good Night Beloved

Good night lover far away
Hope you are happy there
Wherever you are
I always love you and pray for you.

Good night lover far away
I’m here so sorry for you
I’m empty of black charcoal
Urge to chest.

Good night lover far away
May God pour out health for you
May God guard you in his protection
I’m happy here to hear your laughter.

Good night lover far away
Wind please convey a petrified taste
Convey that he is still the umbrella where my heart is shelter
I love her so much.

Good night lover far away
I’m willing to wait for you here until my body gets tired
I’m willing to pray for you until my lips are blue
As long as you are happy there.

Good night my beloved is far away
Hurry home take me to the world of dreams
Only me and you, we are always together
Hurry to get home and make me a part of your life
For the night I’m always waiting for you.

Poems Goodnight Love

Good night love
Now I’m at the end of the night
Peace calmly bandage
At the end of my love flowering.

Good night love
In this night I want to defend you with affection
Want to grab you warmly
Want to convince you with loyalty.

Good night love
Hopefully this flavor will never go away
Always be congregated and grow in the heart
Until we are bound by the ring.

Good night love
Sleep peacefully with your fingers as we hug each other
Close your eyes to let my rhyme drop you to a fairy tale
Until morning decorates the horizon.

Good night love
Take me to fly with a lonely lover
Want to kutiup thousands of stars to fly landed in your heart
I want our love to shine the light of eternal stars.

Good night love
Thanks for all the memories you have streaked
For all the tears you’ve erased
For the loyalty you planted under the stairs of the heart.

Good night love
May our love of god restui
May our love stand strong until our bodies turn white
Until we die to the ground.

A Good Night Poem For Someone

Good night
I say to someone who is always there for me
He who is in my sad and blessed moments
He who did not leave me when I was down.

Good night
I say to someone who always protects me
He always stands before me when everyone judges me.

Good night
I say to someone who always loves me
He still loves me even when I stop loving him.

Good night
I say to someone who always dominates my heart
Have a good night’s sleep tonight
Closed your eyes and wiped out all your tired
I always love you.

Poems Good Night Father

In the cold tonight
Freeze wrapped around the skin
Blue burned down
The night breeze woke me up.

In this poem I painted a longing for homesick father there
It’s just a longing piece I can cover with the night breeze
May the night birds bring it to you
So you know how hurt I am.

For the sake of the freezing cold night
I want to meet you with me
Although the world facing and thousands of stones forbid.

Every black invites into the window
Always me for longing with the night owner
Ask him when this suffering ends?
Until sometimes I’m tired of knitting patiently.

Good evening my father
Hope there you are happy even though I’m not there
Because I’m the dust you do not need
I’m just a black cloud that will disappear and become rain.

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