How to Guide Sreenshoot on PC and Laptop

Guide Sreenshoot on PC and Laptop
Guide Sreenshoot on PC and Laptop

How to guide sreenshoot on pc and laptop

How can we take capture screen image on Laptop or PC windows 7, 8 and 10 steps what we can do so that can screen capture laptop screen. If you just buy a laptop in the future will definitely find this setting possible for college assignments or make an article on my blog like this. Actually I myself do not have a laptop but basically if we want to screenshots lcd screen monitor either laptop or computer the same step only difference if you use laptop more practical can be taken everywhere than computer.

For you computer users but come to this article please read my article on how to screenshot on pc computer on windows 7, 8 and 10 but if you come here want to know step how to take screenshot of laptop screen brand acer, toshiba, dell, asus, samsung , Lenovo, lg, Axioo, compaq and many more laptop brands that I did not mention here because the amount is very much so please read more this article. Ok if you want to quickly know this step please read and learn the following article and then try on a laptop that you have your own very easy step once if we have mngerti.

Guide: How to Capture Laptop and PC windows 7, 8, and 10

Here is the easiest step to get a screen capture laptop so you can take a picture of the laptop windows screen located on the keyboard and then there are a few more steps so that the screenshot screenshot of the monitor lcd screen earlier can be transformed into an image with JPG or PNG as some of the following steps .

1. Turn on your Laptop.

In order for you to screen screenshots on your laptop, the laptop should be on the state of the ignition if not please turn on first then select the screen you want to take screenshot from the laptop screen in this tutorial I will take a screenshot of windows 7 screen display.

2. Press the Syrq Prt or Print Screen Button

After you have selected the screen display on the laptop you want to take a screenshot image and then look for the button Prt Syrq Or Print Screen on the laptop keyboard that serves to capture laptop screen display if you are hard to find the Syrq Prt or Print Screen button see the picture below.

3. Open the Paint Application

Once you have pressed the Syrq Prt or Print Screen button on your laptop keyboard the next step is to open the paint application that is located in the Start menu => All Program => Accessories => Paint on your laptop.

4. Press the CTRL + V Button

Now after the paint application is already open the next step is to press CTRL + V on the keyboard later the screen image that you screenshot will automatically enter in editing drawing paint application that is available on windows application.

5. Step Saving Image

If you have edited the screen image windows last step is to save the image earlier in JPG or PNG format please find the file menu in the paint application and select Save As and give the name of the screenshot image and then choose JPG or PNG image format after click Save.

Here are some steps we need to do on the article how to screenshot images laptop screen windows 7, 8, and 10 the easiest if you have adobe photoshop, corel draw, and other image editing applications the same step as when editing images with windows default paint application .

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