Happy Birthday Wife Poem

Happy Birthday Wife Poem
Happy Birthday Wife Poem

Happy Birthday Wife Poem – Speaking of family, everyone will immediately remember the father, grandparent, grandmother, mother, child, sister, daugther, bothers, and the warmth of the household. Yes, some personnel and one such situation are the main factors underlying the formation of the family. Without personnel or conditions, the family will not function properly.

The family is family.

We laugh, misunderstand, quarrel, true, sometimes silent, mingle again, laugh again, then offend, then accuse each other, then cry, then sad, then wake up again, then laugh again, and so, and like that, and so on … But that’s family. Without it, we are nothing.

Let’s be grateful for our family.

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Happy Birthday Wife Poem

The sky of january paraded in the breeze
Leaving a drop of dew from the drizzling rain that went down tonight
Aq awaits moment by moment
Trying not to turn a blind eye
Move the soul away the sleepiness that caress my eyelids

By my bed
I’m sure God is with me
Waiting time to change the turn of the day
And when I say a word


There is a love that I keep in my heart just for you
There is a prayer I have harbored on my side
There is a love I have for you to have
There is a promise that I want only in your grasp

This past midnight
25 Years you have walked your life
Although it’s only a moment of time that I live with
Stay the best thing of my life

Close your eyes
There is a gift for you
There is love for you
Love wrapped in sincerity and hope

Let me hold your hand
Looking up at the sky tomorrow
Mutual prayer together
To beg for the immortality of our love
Begging all good to accompany you

Because my heart is filled with your love …

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