How To Use Snapchat Maps?

How To Use Snapchat Maps
How To Use Snapchat Maps

How To Use Snapchat Maps?

With more and more social networking applications that do not stop imitating Snapchat, along with its interface display. Making this app strives to distinguish Snapchat from its social media app.

In order not abandoned users Snapchat even more incentive to bring new features. Snapchat launches a new feature of Snap Map. This feature is a map view. But users can see their friends and what they are doing.

As reported The Verge Snap Map is one of the various unique features, which was introduced by Snapchat.

This feature can change the way we make travel plans, and how we associate with friends. Users simply touch the camera tab and zoom out to view it. Press on friends if the user wants to start a chat, or to see when their location was last updated.

If a friend has a linked Bitmoji account, users will be able to see if they are driving, walking or doing other things. You may not want everyone in the world to follow you on the Snap Map. To change who can see you on the map, press the settings icon on the top right side of the Map screen.

Although you can know the activities of friends, but who holds full control over location data is the user. If you’re interested in this new feature, you can choose whether you want to share it with friends or save it in Ghost Mode, where your location will not be known to other users.

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