I Died In Hell Poem

I Died In Hell Poem
I Died In Hell Poem

I Died In Hell Poem – Sad Life Poems. Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

I Died In Hell Poem

If today is my last day to live
I want this day to be the worst day of my life
The worst day is the right moment for me to die
No more meaning to my life

I just bring disaster to those who love me
I can only bring suffering
I just brought evil
Let me die

But I do not want to die of suicide
If anyone wants to kill me,
Kill me!
I’m bored with this life
See, what can I do for you?
There is no!

I’m just a pain-maker
I’m so frustrated with this
My place is darkness
Not in this bright world

I’m tired of life
I feels like I’m in hell !!
Yes, this world is hell for me
I do not feel life is not fair

Life is fair to me
But I’m disappointed with myself
How no life I live
I tormented!

What did I do all this time,
It is only a mere futility
The only problem I always make
I do not blame anyone for all this
I blame myself

How I have become a demon for you
I’m just a scapegoat
All that is needed for things that are not important
It’s as if what I’m doing is all wrong

I have never felt right over all that I have done
I want to be angry!
But when I was angry, I was finally blamed
I’m also wrong

Can not I feel happiness?
Can not I?
Only the sadness I always feel
Only hatred that I always feel
While everyone enjoys the beauty of happiness
I can only envy, can only lamenting my sorrow

I’d rather die
Than I have to go through all this
I do not care what people will say
I just want to die
Kill me !!!!!!
Kill me !!!!!

I admit how weak I am
I covered my frustration with a smile and a laugh
I pretend with my smile
With my laugh
Behind all that, I was very hurt
My heart sliced

I live in pretense
I live behind a mask
I wear a smile mask and laugh
Without mask …
My face is full of the pain of life
My face is full of wounds
My face is so bad
To the extent that no one wants to accompany me

Can I make you happy?
Can I be useful to you?
There is no answer to all that

Take my soul and let me die!
I would be glad if anyone would kill me
I can hardly wait to die
I want to die

Let me die
I’m bored if I have to live in pretense
I’d rather live in reality, that is death
Living in darkness is far more beautiful to me

If I die, I do not want you to be sad and shed tears
But I want you to laugh happily
Because you’ve become a free woman
The bad boy will die
The man who is only a demon for you will die

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