The Kissing Hand Poem

The Kissing Hand Poem
The Kissing Hand Poem

The Kissing Hand Poem – Wardanword wants to provide the best poems  reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

The Kissing Hand Poem

Under the sky keeps the rain, by the wayside,
At a restaurant: We’re sitting, alone!
Moist air absorbs all the charm, and
Weather perpetuates the smile on the glass wall

Grilled fish and hot fresh tea, as if to tell a story
About the boisterous streets. Ongoing life routine
-and longing to rumble like a rainy day

Kissing hearts, hugs aroused all passion.
Rainy, whole, decaying washing away.
Washing up the loneliness that continues to ambush

The drizzle and the night simultaneously pick up the twilight:
We divide dark with two wheels. Drove
-The rain suddenly comes sprinkled with love,
Hit and washed our whole body together

Both hands are curled, hugged tightly hugging the body.
And on the verandah, along with the rest of the rain, which adorns the face:
We kissed our hands
There’s no stopping.
Eternal in the heart of the heart

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