Birthday Poems For Her

Birthday Poems For Her
Birthday Poems For Her

Birthday Poems For Her – Wardanword wants to provide the best poem reading experience for you. Many words are written to beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of your feelings. Among animal poems, child poetry, family poetry, father’s poems, friend poems, life poems, love poems, mother poems, sad poems and wedding poems. This poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Birthday Poems For Her

After a long time I count the days
Now comes the day that I wait
Your birthday ,,,
People I always worship so far

I am not a poet of love
The clever stringing words
But I have a million love
What I dedicate to you

On your birthday
I put a prayer for you
So that maturity can change you
Understand the meaning of true love

I know,,,
I’m not perfect for you
But my love is always perfect for you
Although sometimes love makes us far
Likes and sorrows we’ve passed
All obstacles we have ever faced
Sometimes it’s my ego who beat everything

Hopefully this time ,,,
You can understand the meaning of self-maturity
Who can change you
Make you a figure who has always been an idol

Changing your bad nature
Change all your ego
Being sincere affection
Change your love forever
Being the loveliest love in your life

Happy birthday dear
May happiness always be on your side
I am here still waiting for you faithfully
Waiting for the time to arrive
Where we will be together
Pick up the happiness of love together
Toward the kingdom of love
Unite forever ,,,

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