Love Poem For My Dad

Love Poem For My Dad
Love Poem For My Dad

Love Poem For My Dad – The following father’s poems are some poems for dads consisting of a collection of beautiful words compiled into poetry poems as the most beautiful appreciation to commemorate service and memories with my beloved father. Father himself is one of the central figures in our growth period where the father is the model of the head of the family who always provide guidance and basic education for us when we are still not independent. Surely father figure is very important and memories with a father is one of the most beautiful moments in our lives.

Father is a hero in the family. Although her presence in the family is much less frequent than a mother, her services can not be ignored. He is the captain of the houseboat. He is willing to go far from family to get sustenance. He was willing to bear the longing for his wife and children for the happiness of his family. Day, night, tired, and a lot of sweat that comes out is not ignored. All he had in mind was a smile from his family.

As a child, you may not be able to pay for all the services of the father. Or, maybe you do not have a chance to say directly about your affection to him. However, you can express your affection and gratitude in a poem for Dad. The beautiful words in this poem are a form of your appreciation for all his services. A Father will not ask for reward for all his hard work. The sincere expression of affection from the hearts of his children, is enough to eliminate all the fatigue he feels.

Maybe, while you’re still there, you ignore it a bit. However, when he goes far, how great his presence. How will you lose a strong and determined figure that can be your role model in the face of this harsh life. How do you miss his laughter, his tenderness, his protection, and his steadfastness in educating you. And all those memories will never come back again. Only with prayer and poetry for Dad you can slightly heal your longing for him. With this poem, you can also memorize moments of togetherness with him is very beautiful.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or sentences jostling for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love that these love poems are dedicated to you. May be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Love Poem For My Dad

You are everything to me
Without you I do not know what it will become
You’re willing to work day and night
Never thought tired and tired

Drudge to meet my needs
But what rewards do you get from me
I can only cry for you
And I have not been able to give the best for you

You have become my father and mother for me
You’re the one who prepared the food for me
You meet all my needs
You too have become a mother to me

I promise to you
I will slalu manyayangimu

Just as you love me
Thank you for everything you have given me

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