How to Make The Best Slime

How to Make The Best Slime
How to Make The Best Slime

How to Make The Best Slime

Slime is one of the children’s toys, shaped like a chewy liquid and a bit sticky, the texture is like a chewing gum, made from various types of glue, shampoo, sunlight or other materials with bright color variations and is very liked by children.

Currently not so difficult to buy and get slime, these toys are sold in many toys stores, for small sizes are usually sold at a price that varies approximately 1 dollar.

Although slime can be purchased easily but you can make your own by mixing several types of materials and the process is not too difficult.

Even the trend in big cities precisely the children look more happy and enthusiastic when playing together to make slime own, this activity can be used as a means of learning and train motor skills for the little guy.

How to Make Slime Activator

Slime activator is a liquid-shaped material function to thicken slime dough that has been made.

Actually if you’ve ever made a slime and are accustomed to measuring the amount of comparison of water use then you do not need to make this slime activator, simply use Gom or detergent directly stirred with water in the dough, the ratio 1: 10 to 15.

1. Slim Activator with Gom

Material :

  1. 1 bottle Gom / Borax Glycerine 10% size 8 ml
  2. Bottle size 330 ml
  3. Water


  1. Pour water approximately 1/3 (100 ml) into the bottle;
  2. Enter Gom then shake until evenly distributed.

Note: Gom / Borax Glycerin sold in many pharmacies, usually used as a medicine drops seriawan.

2. Slim Activator with Detergent

Material :

  1. 3 tablespoons of powder or liquid detergent
  2. Bottle size 330 ml
  3. Water


  1. Pour water approximately 1/3 (100 ml) into aqua bottle;
  2. Add the detergent and shake it evenly.

3. How to make slime with Lem Fox

Slime Making Materials:

  1. 2 glasses
  2. Lem Fox
  3. Water
  4. 1 tablespoon powder powder
  5. Body Lotion
  6. Slim Activator
  7. Gom / Borax Gliceryn
  8. Liquid Bath Soap
  9. Food Coloring, use several colors
  10. Plastic Feeding Spoon

How to make:

  1. Enter the fox glue into a plastic container to taste approximately 3 tablespoons;
  2. Add the slim activator bit by bit while stirring until the fox glue is slightly thin, and not clot;
  3. Enter approximately 1/2 tablespoons of powder powder, stirring evenly;
  4. Enter a little body lotion, so the dough is not sticky in the hand;
  5. Pour enough or more or less 1 tablespoon of dough that has been made into another aqua glass, to interfere with the desired color;
  6. Pour 1 drop of food coloring, stirring evenly;
  7. Add a small amount of liquid soap into the dough, stirring constantly until the dough has thickened; If the dough is not thick, you can add a few drops Gom or Borax Gliceryn.
  8. Make another color dough the same as the previous step according to your desires.

4. How to Make Slime With Povinal Glue Without Gom / Borax

Slime Making Materials:

  1. Povinal Liquid Glue
  2. Water
  3. Food coloring
  4. Baby Oil
  5. Eye drops / Insto
  6. Liquid Bath Soap
  7. Plastic Feeding Spoon

How to make:

  1. Insert Povinal glue into a plastic container to taste;
  2. Enter enough water;
  3. Pour a few drops of food coloring;
  4. Stir gently until evenly;
  5. Pour just enough eye drops, until the dough begins to slightly thicken;
  6. Mix with a little liquid soap, stirring evenly;
  7. Combine with a little Baby Oil, so the dough is not sticky hands.
  8. Let stand the dough for a while, and the process of making slime is complete.
    Note: You can replace Povinal Glue with UHU Glue or Paper Glue.

In order for your slime to be durable and can be played repeatedly it is recommended after finish playing to store it inside a sealed container into the freezer or refrigerator.

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