How to Make Delicious French Toast

Make Delicious French Toast
Make Delicious French Toast

How to Make Delicious French Toast

French toast known as French Toast which means French Egg or Gipsy Bread is one of the delicious and nutritious breakfast menus. French toast is a food made from fresh bread dipped in egg whisk and then fried in a sticky pan or pan. But there are also French French Toast creations that include one whole chicken egg on bread when the bread is fried. The end result of this display is a gorgeous toast with one yellow split egg on it.

Delicious dishes such as French-style toast can be enjoyed with a sweet or savory taste. Most enjoyable with a glass of warm milk for a practical breakfast menu. Or can also be enjoyed with warm sweet tea and coffee while relaxing. When French toast is served in a sweet taste, the necessary ingredients are sugar, milk, thick cream, vanilla and cinnamon powder added to the bread before the process is fried. to be more legit, when the presentation is usually Toast French Manis served with a stream of honey and fruit pieces strowberry, grape, melon, kiwi, various jams such as peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate, pineapple jam, marmalade strawberry, butter, peanut butter, yogurt, sprinkling sugar Sand, minced beans, ice cream, dried fruit and others that provide a complete sensation of delicious.

As for the typical French toast or French Toast salty savory then the bread that has been dipped into the eggs directly fried with a little extra salt. Usually French Salted Roast Bread served with grated cheese, mayonnaise, smoked beef, sausage and bottled chilli sauce. But French Fried Bread is not always served as such, sometimes between salty and sweet flavors are combined to the desired taste.

The origin of the French Toast is supposed to distinguish American Bread Roast. French Baked Bread was invented by a famous French cherf there. This is what makes French Fizz Bread to be one breakfast menu of Americans and Europe since the first. And because of its delicacy like the French Chicken Marengo Recipe, now all over the world in the world comes a variation of French Toast that appeals to the taste buds. Such as in Hong Kong, French Toast Hongkong is presented in a simple and simple way.

For the bread look made slightly dry then served in hot conditions with butter, honey or maple syrup a typical sweet. Other variations of French Toast or French Fizzy Bread are two pieces of bread stuffed with fresh pieces of fruit with a thick cream spread. Can also be added to the beef egg awareness with sausage, corned beef complete with bacon and vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber and tomato. The appearance of French Fizz Bread like this is similar to Sandwich or similar Burger / King Burger.

The latest references to French Toast or French Fizz are in the Apicus containing a collection of Latin recipes. The recipe mentions that the bread is dipped in milk or fresh cream instead of eggs. There mention the meaningful Aliter Dulcia * Just another sweet dish *. After it reappeared a German French Toast recipe that called this dish named Arme Ritter from the German language which means Poor Knighst (poor Knight). Poor knights then changed to French Toast in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. While a recipe from England called pain shrubs which means bread leftover. In the recipe suggests using bread that has been applied overnight, not fresh bread freshly made on that day.

How to Make French Bread Fry is of course very easy and practical. We suggest you better use yesterday’s bread with a hard texture and not easily crumbled when dipped in egg shake dough, milk and thick cream then fried with margarine or butter until it turns brownish yellow. Curious to immediately make it home?

French Toast Materials:

  • Bread 6 pieces of bread (select bread that has been applied overnight, can also use a large french toast cut small or triangular shape)
  • 2 eggs
  • Liquid milk 100 milli liter (can use milk powder 2 tablespoons + water 100 milli liter)
  • Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
  • Grated lemon peel 1 teaspoon
  • Cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar 2 tablespoons
  • Margarine to taste (used for frying fresh bread)

Baking Complementary Ingredients:

  • Honey to taste
  • Jam to taste
  • Sugar powder to taste

Note: The overnight bread means a fresh bread that has been overnight from the date of manufacture, not fresh fresh bread made on the day.

How To Make Fizz Bread French, French Toast:

  • Initial step, insert egg into container then shake. Add liquid milk, cinnamon powder, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract. Stir well until the sugar dissolves.
  • After that dip the bread until the surface of the bread is submerged. You can move the egg dough to a baking sheet to facilitate soaking.
  • Next prepare a nonstick flat pan, give 1/2 tablespoon margarine and heat it to melt. Then fry the bread while pressed-tap with a spatula. Turn the bread and do the same until the bread runs out. lift.
  • French Fried Baking Recipe, French Toast Homemade delicious and practical ready to eat with complementary materials such as honey, jam, powdered sugar or can be adjusted to taste.

Simple tips for making French toast so that the special result is not too long to dip the bread into the solution so the bread becomes too wet and mushy. Therefore do the activities of dipping and frying bread one by one do not immediately soaked all. Batter dough on top enough for 6 pieces of bread with a standard size. The size of the fresh bread of course affects the egg dough, milk and cream.

French Toast
French Toast

In this home-baked French Fried Raw Recipe we use vanilla extract which aims to remove the stinky egg odor. French Fried Bread Recipe Vanila Extract is a secret in the menu of French toast ala resto and cafe that has a fairly expensive price. How to make and French Fried Bread Recipes we share this time around. Easy enough and not difficult to try directly from the kitchen beloved at home is not it?

Good luck and self-creative with French Fried Bread Recipe, French Toast.

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