Marry Me With Bismillah Poem

Marry Me With Bismillah Poem
Marry Me With Bismillah Poem

Marry Me With Bismillah Poem – Religious Poems. The word Bismillah in general has the meaning of “By Calling God’s Name” is always pronounced at a time before doing any work. There are many hadiths that recommend to read Bismillah before starting a job, whatever the job except for a bad thing.

Narrated by Muslimm in a hadith shohih that Rasulullah SAW once said to Umar ibn Abu Salamah who at that time he was still in the care of the Prophet during his childhood, “Say Bismillah, eat with your right hand and eat what is near you”. Even the Ulema are obliged to read Bismillah every before eating.

Marry Me With Bismillah Poem

I love you sincerely from heart
No matter you’re treasure or not
All I care about is your love

Although I can not also deny
That treasure is the king of the world
But trust me
As long as the earth is still sun
My love will always be intact for you
Except if God beheads that love

I want to be an empress in your love palace
Become your soul mate
Wade into the ocean of life with you

Marry Me With Bismillah
Not with gold or gems
And take me to a happy, loving young man
Make Me pray in your prayer
That’s always greeting
While kissing your hand

Are you looking at the sky now
The same as me?
The sky filled with stars
If so, watch by your eyes
What a beautiful luster
Like the longing that is now beginning to surround my heart

But do you know love !!!
That among the stars
There is love that I leave there
Love to make you star in my life
So I do not slip my way
When darkness comes to self

Only with Bismillah
I’m starting my life sheet
But love …….
I will never be able to say Alhamdulillah
When everything should be over
Therefore I beg of love
Keep always your heart from the temptations of the world.

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