Mourning Of Love Poem

Mourning Of Love Poem
Mourning Of Love Poem

Mourning Of Love Poem – Sad Poems. The word people fall in love is millions it feels, it’s beautiful as if the world belongs together. But what happens if love is only from one side? It must be very painful to know the fact that our loved ones do not love us and sometimes even love others. Crushed heart, chest felt tight.

Although there is a saying that love does not have to have because in truth it gives love not expecting a reward. However, it still hurts to feel if our loved ones do not love us back. The love we have for him is not in return. It was really upset. Therefore below we have presented sad love poems hopefully by reading the poetry below can cure your sadness for love that does not match expectations.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Mourning Of Love Poem

I stared at the natural ….
From behind this glass window I fell silent.
With my eyes closed.
I searched the gloomy window of heart.
No power tears falling down.
This is the pain I feel.
Nian feeling.

Pressed in the soul ….
I want to finish this feeling beautifully.
But when….
Love is coming and gone ….
The longing drowned.
The grief flowed sharply ….
Like a knife sharpened in ….

shine tears are falling ….
Until I was able to look in the thread.
You ….. He …. They ….
My prayers are always spread in my prostrate down.
For your happiness …
He … and Them.

But will you feel.
Does he understand.
What they understand.
Only He Who Understands.
Yes … Only He Who Can Understand.

He is the Strongest who gives me the strength to live for you …
For him and Them.
He Who Is Giving My Spirit ….
When nobody cares anymore.
When nobody else understands.
When everyone hates.

He Who Is Power Replying to the Heart’s.
He Who Loves restores my love in my heart.
Only he….
And when I’m tired of walking ….
Tired of thinking ….

No one can understand.
Although prayers always flow.
Touching the hard heart.
Reaches a quiet soul.
Only He is able to convey this heart’s suffering to the Thousand Stars for this soul.

On Moon to illuminate the darkness of this heart space.
Do you care …
Do they understand ….
They and you can not understand.
It is enough that the All-Knowing understands how much I Love You and They.

You are my lover…
He’s my parents and my son.
And they’re my best friend.
May Allah guard you with His Eternal Throne.

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