My Parents Poems in Love

My Parents Poems
My Parents Poems

My Parents Poems in Love – Speaking of family, everyone will immediately remember the father, grandparent, grandmother, mother, child, sister, daugther, brother, and the warmth of the household. Yes, some personnel and one such situation are the main factors underlying the formation of the family. Without personnel or conditions, the family will not function properly.

The family is family.

We laugh, misunderstand, quarrel, true, sometimes silent, mingle again, laugh again, then offend, then accuse each other, then cry, then sad, then wake up again, then laugh again, and so, and like that, and so on … But that’s family. Without it, we are nothing.

Let’s be grateful for our family.

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My Parents Poems in Love

As I get older
And my hair started to whiten
Accept me, and understand me

As I get older
And I spill something into my shirt
Or maybe soiling the floor of your house,
Be patient not to be angry with me
Just like you used to when you vomited your food
Smear my clothes, even contaminate my surroundings with your fist

As I get older
And my dot continues to repeat the same words to you
Be patient to hear me
And do not cut me off
Just like when I told you thousands of the same story
To put you to sleep

As my age gets older
And when I need your help
To bathe and clean my body
Do not be angry and refuse my request
Same as before when I coaxed you to take a bath

As my age gets older
And I’m confused with the times
Do not ever laugh at me occasionally
But reflect upon my patience once I answered
“Why” or “What” you are asking is always me
In every time you start to open your eyes
Or start your day … ..

As my age gets older
And when my legs are too weak to walk
Stretch your hands, young and strong
To guide me, step by step
Similarly when in your childhood,
I lead and help you to learn to walk

As I get older,
And when I am oblivious to what is being discussed
Give me some time to remember
Because actually,
All the things discussed are not the main topic
It’s just my way to be accompanied by you
Because to me, it’s happy to stay with you

When you see me aging, old
Do not be sad..
Just understand, and stay aware
Just as it does,
When I see you grow up into adulthood

When I lead you,
To tap into this life,
With a million love and a million love

Now, accompany me
Until the end of my life path
Now, accompany me
To end and finish this life
With millions of sincerity and millions of patience

And when I close my eyes
And the cessation of my heartbeat
I will always bring my love and my love to you
Up into the ground I was laid
And to the ground I am buried …

Forever, I am your parents
And you are my son ….
What can not be decided by anything

Your dedication, is the door of your heaven
Yours sincerely, is the provision of your reward
Your appreciation, is the path to success

Heaven is not in the palm of my feet
But at least one way to get to it
It is me, as it should and should be
Because God gave His mandate to me
To raise and take care of you
Until the end of my life … ..

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