Best Poem About Cherry Blossoms in Love

Poem About Cherry Blossoms
Poem About Cherry Blossoms

Best Poem About Cherry Blossoms in Love. Cherry blossoms are a flower that comes from the sunrise country of japan. The cherry blossoms are famous for their beauty during spring blooms. Cherry blossoms are very important for Japanese people, as well as a typical Japanese cherry blossom as well as a symbol of beauty for Japanese people. In spring about april when cherry blossoms are beautifully, Japanese people hold a festival to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms, the festival is called hanami.

Cherry blossoms have a variety of colors depending on what species, there are cherry blossoms are pink, white, yellow, white mixed purple and so on. That’s why on this occasion I will share the cherry blossom poems yes to admire the beauty is not wrong make it a poetry work that hopefully will be useful for readers.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Poem About Cherry Blossoms

Flower Sakura in Spring

Sakura’s flowers are blooming in spring
Fly loyalty to the top of mount fuji
It’s still unimaginable when it’s time to be together
Include colorful letters.

I have not forgotten
The memories are still glorified in the prayer rug
Shouting a prayer for a bahgia
Together a long day.

Sakura flowers in the spring
The beauty of the expanse I saw in the nose of the eye
The petal of cherry blossom grows fragrant
Splitting beautifully on the side of twigs.

It’s beautiful here
In this sunrise country our love is anchored
Thousands of cherry blossoms bloom to be a living witness
That we will hold on to love in our hearts.

Sakura Flower Season Snow

Where there is a smile there will be tears
Where there is ground there will also be a sky
Sometimes we have to get up and see
That to happiness never existed.

In this frozen season
All the pledges that had gone missing
Woke me up to sobbing hearts
Promise keep promises, someday he will become a virtual.

My Sakura will die in winter
They will never be together
If there is sakura then there should be no cold
If there is cold then there can be no sakura.

They will not be together
Because their destiny is different
Because their story is not the same
Because they are not matchmaking.

The Story of the Wind and the Flower of Sakura

This is just a story about the story of two gods
Those who fall in love even though not in a shared destiny
Cherry blossoms and wind
And the love that springs and the fate that separates.

It’s a story a few centuries ago
When the wind meets the cherry blossoms
In the dry weedy valley they meet
And God unites their hearts with love.

Their story always ends before it even begins
Their love is always eternal even when they are already ground
Because all this is just a matter of fate.

On the night of the crescent they made love
Meet the love that strengthens the tears
They were very happy that night
And that night also tuhanpun test the poor poor.

God separates them
As far as east and west
As far as heaven and earth
All the way up to the blind eye.

The cherry blossoms await with a loyal piece
Keep firmly in their hearts that they will meet
At the other end of the saujana fate speaks
The wind lover died when he came home to meet a lover.

The cherry blossoms waited tirelessly
Without knowing that some things will not come even if we wait
Waiting for the lover until the season changes.

On the seventh night
The goddess of fallen cherry blossoms fell touched the earth
Separating the tears that fly in the wind
The sakura was dead waiting for a lover.

They finally parted ways in eternity
They will never be able to meet again even hugging
Because God will not let them together
Despite their love for the universe.

In the end their love will always last in the sky
Become the most shining star
It turned out to be loved and loved between the cherry blossoms and the wind will not be able to unite them ……..

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