Poem About Broken Heart in Love

Poem About Broken Heart
Poem About Broken Heart

Poem About Broken Heart in Love – Sad Love Poems. The poem we are talking about this time is a love poem of a broken heart. This time the theme is slightly upset because it tells about someone who is broken heart because of love. Love can make people change quickly. Love can make a person very happy but love can also make a person hurt very sick even. The pain is here. Love is great because it can make us upset, sad, and so on. Below are some broken hearted poems may be a cure for you who are broken hearted because of love.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Poem About Broken Heart in Love

Pain It

This pain
Rooted at the bottom of the heart
The place that once grown love for you
Very fertile to green.

This pain
I dedicate to you love
Blood is dry and carved incision
Being oath a foolish feeling called love.

Because of that love
Now my heart is dying without breath
Life without life
Screamed silently.

Gara love
Now my heart is dead
Without the rest though only conscience
Without life despite hope.

My heart I planted right in the hole
With you and your rotten love
Pack him with pain
And I made him the earth lover there.

It was true
That love can make us break apart
Even the wishes of life he grabbed.

Now I’m a pain
I’m already immune to the pain and the beauty
I can no longer feel
Because the red meat has disappeared empty hollow.

God, make me strong

God, make me strong
Let go of him I love
Let him fly and be happy with others
Despite the pain I think
I will surrender myself.

God, make me strong
I love her so much
I wanted to hug him and freeze time
Until no separation came.

God, make me strong
Why does it feel like this?
And I just want to be with him to white
But why should this be?
Fate always says something else.

God, make me strong
Is it wrong if I just want to be loved by the one I love?
Was it my fault that I had been plain in love?

God, make me strong
When I see it with others
Someone who can make her happy just with her smile
It’s so different from me.

God, make me strong
Make my heart as wide as west and east
So my heart can be stoic
No weight to sidestrate himself.

Miss this

This longing is very painful
Twisting the heart to the pit
Tearing away merciless
It hurts to miss you

This longing is very painful
Every day just hollow felt
Want to touch you
But what is this power.

This longing is very painful
Everyday you can only see photos
Night is always a black time
It’s always a moment of sadness.

This longing is very painful
Why miss that should it hurt like this?
I do not want to be the month that always waits for the night.

This longing is very painful
Night twigs be this sick witness
Witness that here I die hugging that longing
I took it to the last hole.

For You There

For you there
How are you?
May you be happy there with him

For you there
I’m here to pray for you tirelessly

For you there
We have a lot of time together
Long story we have written on the sheet of life.

For you there
We may not be doomed together but we are destined to love each other even though we can not end up having one another.

For you there
I never regret meeting you and falling in love with you
The only thing I regret in my life is that I do not become the name that god wrote to be your soul mate.

Last breath

Thank you God
For the lover you sent
For a lover called love
The tireless fight for me.

She is very beautiful in this eye
The color of his love I can see with the skin of the heart
Rainbow of color
Blue world.

I’m grateful that I still have it
God is very good to me
I gave him a handful of love.

But the happiness is now gone
Death is time-wasted
Fly blown disappointment
Dead eventually and become ash.

He is always there in every color line that the world presents
Go into the retina to the point of blood
No longer black and white color.

Fly to Blue Sky

Fly to the sky free
Remove the burden of dying heart
Illuse it with blue
Later will be healed.

Fly to the sky free
My wings flew into the white air
Purify the black heart
The pain of love causes.

Fly to the sky free
Blue world color is very beautiful
This love almost memafatkanku

Fly to the sky free
O heart fly freely
Run to the sky of god
Until the pain is numb.

Well so Love Poems Love Broken hope the above poem can be useful and useful for you who are upset heartache because of love. And may the heartache that you feel slowly lost and changed with happiness.
Sorry if the above poem is less than perfect or the crude language is ugly. Hopefully soon heal his heart and his temper.

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