Poem If You Know My Heart

Poem If You Know My Heart
Poem If You Know My Heart

Poem If You Know My Heart – Best Sad Love Poems. The word people fall in love is millions it feels, it’s beautiful as if the world belongs together. But what happens if love is only from one side? It must be very painful to know the fact that our loved ones do not love us and sometimes even love others. Crushed heart, chest felt tight.

Although there is a saying that love does not have to have because in truth it gives love not expecting a reward. However, it still hurts to feel if our loved ones do not love us back. The love we have for him is not in return. It was really upset. Therefore below we have presented sad love poems hopefully by reading the poetry below can cure your sadness for love that does not match expectations.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Poem If You Know My Heart

I love you too much
You who will not love me
We together make a story.

The story that makes me hollow
The story that made me a doll
Because I love you so much
I became a living statue for you.

I’ve always been a fictional figure
A no-vote figure
Even to cry
A powerless figure
Even to break away from your chains.

All I know is one
That I love you so much
With my heart broken
I still dare to hope in god
To make you my beloved.

I’m stupid I know that
That’s why I suffer from love
My heart is dying of love
My body is sick with love
And my life was ruined by the love of one hand.

I love him who never loves me
I saw him who never saw me
I am happy for him who never made me happy
I cried for him who never cried me
I pray for him who never prayed for me.

Am I wrong if I do it?
Can it be foolish to fight for our love?
Though there is no easy word
And I do not want to say surrender
I’m fighting my love for her
Though I must reach the sky with the stick.

I am dead
My love for her has killed me
Bury me in the black abyss live
Eat me until I disappear in tears
To the black and white world.

Because I love him
I am willing to give it my happiness and my life
And because he is so greedy
He grabs the whole thing until the only thing I have is the air.

I’m in the corner
Waiting for the night breeze to fly me to the black tip
Cold and chills became a new lover
The loyal one greets as the air becomes black.

My heart is shattered
Melting like water
My life is torn apart already
My hope disappears in the suction by reality
And the cause of all this is love.

Love is in the heart
I’ve lost my mind
There is only love and love
Until treacherous fucked sweet promise

Here I see he is happy with his love
It turned out that after all I gave this a reply to me
This is the end of my love story
This is the end of my foolishness
This is the end of my pain
This is the end of my life
Because now I’m happy under my last tomb.

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