Pussycat Poem About Social

Pussycat Poem About Social
Pussycat Poem About Social

Pussycat Poem About Social – Social Poems. Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beutaiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Pussycat Poem About Social

The cat was dying in the middle of the street
The muffled muted roar
Falling helplessly with eyes closed half closed
His hands are moving indirectly, left right, top down
As if looking for help
Her breath snorted

A black-robed rider descended from his mount
Pulled the dark-colored cat’s scalp with his left hand.
The right one, caressing the poor cat’s body and legs
There is a compulsory force on the face

Across the street Kalibata red lights,
The driver put the innocent cat on the ground
And He’s gone

Instantly the birds and butterflies approached, like a heavy and venomous ancient creature, its wings as if faintly call the angel
Angel of Death

White clouds, but the cat is still guerrilla with time
Suffering with breath
Absorbs the bitterness of life
A rider with selfishness may accidentally nudge him
When the favorite animal of the Prophet was about to cross across Jalan Kalibata

On the other side, I just looked
The fur is beginning to change color
Blood that comes out of the mouth
Her footwork and hands slowly slowed down
His neck turned left
Her eyes flickered once or twice

He stared at the clouds
Or welcome the angel of death
The angel called the butterfly and the bird
The suffering cat was finally killed, under the clouds.

On the other side, the Kalibata cemetery, a former official buried peacefully by colleagues and relatives
Officials in an era of authoritarian rule capable of beating dramas of government full of power
Cutting a rifle in the name of justice and stabilization
The power that eventually grabs it in old age

The cat walked away following important people with a terrible problem in the past.

The cat died when a mob swarmed
Inquire the elegant escorting the official to lie forever in Kalibata
Kalibata, a park
At that altitude
Where words are useless, because the mouth has become a flower
There is only prayer

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