Romantic Love Poem For Someone

Romantic Love Poem For Someone
Romantic Love Poem For Someone

Romantic Love Poem For Someone. Reading poem about love is a pleasure for you. Poem of love evokes your sincere love for someone. He would love to love you poem in read. In love poem a lot of fun things that you can express. You can make love poems as gifts for loved ones. Everyone loves a love poem depicting mood. Just like you, i love you poem. Love is a beautifully etched poem in the well-verse of the word. The words contained in the poem on love so evoke anyone who read it. Let alone love poem for her, love poem for him, poem for my love or love poem for the dear ones around us. Love poems are words that tell the voice of your heart. Love poems also describe your longing, deep joy.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

Romantic Love Poem For Someone

“Love is”

Love it forest,
Shady and beautiful,
Sometimes make us lost in it.

Love it sun,
Hot and burning,
But useful for life.
Love is rain,

Always makes us run so as not to get wet by him.
But it is always waiting for the drought to arrive.

Love is cloud,
Go hand in hand and sometimes lost somewhere.

Love is you,
Sometimes annoying but also missed.

“Love Expression”

Day after day I passed ..
Just waiting for the elf attached to his name in the heart ..
I often meet the elf ..

Just a little greeting coming out of this lips ..
I want to express my love ..
But hearts ask me ..

Can I get it .. ??
Or just make us far away ..!
Now those days have changed ..
Being months and years ..

Now my determination and belief ..
Has become a perfect circle ..
Tuk say the most important thing in my life ..
I love you..

“I Love You”

I love you..
Like an unspoken word ..
Such a loyal night keeps you company.
Wading dreams ..
Hope someday we are together because of hope ..

I love you..
As the clouds flashed rain ..
Cloudy signs of life ..
Flowing like water..
Blow like a breeze ..
And burn like a fire ..
It will not be extinguished even by the big wind and the waves.
Because they keep each other ..

I love you..
Like me now ..
Because nothing has changed ..
Since the first time I said it ..

“For You My Dear”

Sparkling stars are getting brighter ..
Not a second able to be painted ..
Though in the late night singing ..
The moon smiles in a silent sweet ..
But neither am I able to put it together in the story ..
Though in a short story full of unreal allegories ..
Now I keep trying ..

Tried to write all that beauty ..
Although I know,
I can not make it perfect ..
Although I know,
As perfect as my language was incapable of matching,
How beautiful and no flaw ..

But really ..
Want me to show you all that beauty ..
In every word my simple word ..
In each of my capabilities wrap it into one ..

Not for me..
Not for him ..
Not for anyone ..
But for you ..

For this sweet present on a beautiful day ..
For you my dear ..
“I Love U so Much”

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