How to See Snapchat Map

How to See Snapchat Map
How to See Snapchat Map

How to See Snapchat Map

Snapchat users who are tired of looking for something to do should update their apps today, they’ll be greeted with a new map view showing where their friends are and what they’re up to.

Snap Map, as it is called the company, can be activated by pinning your finger together in the camera view when you first start the app. After viewing the map, you’ll see an “Actionmoji” version of your closest friend, which includes their name and profile photo in a configuration that vaguely resembles the tags you might find on plants to be sold in the nursery.

When you touch one of your friend’s icons, you will see the story just posted, which might make you interested to join in the fun they face. You will only see your friends on the map if they have just opened their Snapchat map and have shared their location with you.

Instead, you can decide who can see your location on their map, choose from all your friends or customized lists. You can also browse the map in “Ghost Mode” without broadcasting your location to anyone.

What if no of your friends are around or have not sent you something interesting recently?

No need to worry: map view will also display hot maps based on other Snapchat user activity. For example, the San Francisco map shows hot spots on the Fishermans dock and along Market Street. You can also zoom out to see Snapchat-selected events from all countries or worlds, such as baseball games or current events like Tuesday’s general election in Georgia.

Snap Map is a Snapchat that utilizes a location-based social media genre, which already includes startups like Zenly designed so you can keep track of your closest friends. And because of Instagram’s propensity to successfully duplicate the Snapchat feature, it is also not surprising that Instagram copies the map idea in the near future.

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