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King Poem
King Poem

The Lion King Poem About Animals – Best Animal Poems. The lion is a cat-like animal of the felidae family and the lion is a grouped animal in which one group consists of a male and a lioness and in one group it is commonly inhabited by many lionesses and a male lion.

These poems tell about animals. Or poetry related to the word animal. Many animals live in the human environment so telling about animals in a poem is a fun thing. Because after all, animals live with us. We are obliged to protect them from extinction and must preserve them. Hopefully with this animal poetry we realize how the animals that exist in this world so precious.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

The Lion King Poem

Your roar echoes through the forest
Making the animals shudder with fear
That roar … a warning from the forest king

King of the Jungle…
So call them for you
With your valor … with your eyes
You deserve that nickname

And that afternoon …
The lion stood upright
Surrounded by orange light
The beautiful light for the king from the evening sun

But now
Oh … lion
How miserable you are
You used to be in charge
You are the victorious, and
You’re the greatest in your country

Now the earth has spun
You’re not the first one anymore
You’re like an egg
At the end of the horn

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