The Wanderer Poem

The Wanderer Poem
The Wanderer Poem

The Wanderer Poem – Beautiful Poems. Wanderer … a word that gives a picture of a formidable figure, complete with a shoulder backpack, hats, shirts and field pants as well as various climbing accessories.

Hmmm is it true it is a wanderer …?

Everyone is free to interpret the meaning of the word wanderer. But, here we want to present a poem about the wanderer. Hopefully pleased.

Wardanword wants to provide the best poetry reading experience for you. Many words are written into beautiful sentences or seductive sentences for the expression of feelings about love. Starting from the feeling of falling in love this love poem is dedicated to you. It could be a reference and knowledge for everyone. Happy reading and enjoy.

The Wanderer Poem

The shirt is brightly colored but is now very dull
Mixed with sweet and bitter street dust
From day to day
Although there is no writing or pictures, but he can tell

When you’re traveling in a strange place
Looking for a stunning place
In a promising place of peace
And you know, not what it should be
But what a happy one

Then you know you are Wanderer

When you go through the days without a plan
Get plenty of food (at least instant food)
Encounter unidentified face sometimes creepy
It is not a problem

Then you know you are Wanderer

In the course of your heart beat a rhythm difference
You have to live to survive
So feel the pounding legs running freely
You may be a poor treasure but you will become rich in life

When you make friends with strangers,
Exchanging cultures and beliefs,
And you are the only person who represents your place of origin
No matter where you live

Then you know you are Wanderer

You will thrive when taking a step out of the comfort zone
You learn, you change, you try, you fail, you rise again and grow.
Because whatever you have done and whatever you already know
You’re more than what you knew before

So now you get an identity
Through all the opportunities in a thought
And you’re ready to step out of the past
Unless you go there again you will remember it

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