How to use Snap Maps feature in Snapchat

How to use Snap Maps feature in Snapchat
How to use Snap Maps feature in Snapchat

How to use Snap Maps feature in Snapchat

The new snap maps feature of the snapchat map is used to share the location of friends. Or how to view an event, celebration or sport activities activities and popular venues in real time. Snap maps feature can be used in android or ios with the condition to update the application snapchat to the latest version in playstore.

You need to choose to share your location and be able to change friends for sharing, excluding the people you work with, ex-girlfriends, or others who do not want your location to be known.

How to use snap maps with the feature of sharing location in snapchat.

The first way to share a location on a snap map is by updating the snapchat app in the playstore. Then you will learn how to use it easily:

1. Open the snapchat app

2. Clip your finger on the smartphone screen quickly

3. This opens the map of the shell

4. See intro, then press Next

5. Select the sharing option, then press Next

6. Tap finish after you see the story notification.

After you set it up, you will see a snap map on your phone screen. You can zoom in and out by shifting to see events, locations, friends if they share with you.

Tap on location or on a friend to see snapchats they post to their stories or “our story” section for an event or location.

If you tap the location, then you will see the story for that place and see your friend’s name.

You can change sharing options at any time. Open the map mode and then tap on “cog settings” with a location mark on it. It’s on the top right of your screen.

1. Select “ghost” mode if you want to be invisible
2. Select my friend “My Friend” to share with your friends.
3. Picky friends “friend” to share with a small circle or friends you choose

You can change options at any time. Many snapchat users start with small and small circles, especially when the fiur is launched. Remember your friends need online to be detected in the snap map feature.

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