Who Is Banksy? Best Artist Graffiti

Whos Is Banksy
Whos Is Banksy

Whos Is Banksy? Best Artist Graffiti

Who is Banksy? He is the best graffiti artist in the world. The graffiti is not haphazard. Sometimes the terms message of humanity, justice, and – though sounding ironic – environment. The paint strokes intelligently adjust to the place where it is enumerated. As if cracked, broken, or old a wall, for example, is there for the sake of Banksy.

Wonder also the identity of a human can be kept solidly dense. Where superpower secrets alone can leak, it is quite amazing how an artist can keep his secret.

Please note, he is not a too famous. He instead has a website, banky.co.uk. In addition to being used as a ‘gallery’ for his work, the website can also contain examples that can not be used for commercial purposes.

As for Banksy, later his creative pulse penetrated into the world of cinema. In 2010 he released a documentary comedy “Exit Through The Gift Shop“. This debut is certainly not the debut of the beans anyway, because in the same year the film won 12 awards, and nine of them as the best documentary.

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