How to Write an Interesting CV

Write Interesting CV
Write Interesting CV

How to Write an Interesting CV

Before you apply for work, surely you will make CV (Curriculum Vitae) aka resume list first. If you need an inspiration or sample curriculum vitae so you can apply correctly, keep reading this article!

CV or Curriculum Vitae What Creatures Are?

CV in Indonesian means curriculum vitae, or in its shortened version called resume. As the name implies, the CV is a form of self-data related to the important thing and should be known by the intended person. CVs sent to an institution or company to apply for work will be assessed according to the content. But, some people just focus on the contents of a formal CV without considering the attractiveness of the CV made.

For freshmen graduates, and have often sent CV to companies, but none have succeeded. I think your CV is wrong, deh. Imagine every time you apply and put a CV, how many people do the same things as you and hope that their CV is also accepted. While the position required only one or two people. To get that limited position, you have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of people.

Well, the key, the CV you make should be interesting, if possible, make the HRD of the company was bulging and not able to reject you.

Here is an example of a CV or sample resume for the most common job applications.

Example Curriculum Vitae (Curriculum Vitae) 1

Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Name: Maulana Malik Ibrahim
Place / date of birth: Palembang, August 23, 1975
Gender: Male
Status: Married
Religion : Islam
Indonesian : citizenship
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Address: Jl. Teuku Umar No. 24, Palembang

Career Summary Summary

  • To develop a career in the field of journalism & broadcasting where I can utilize my skills such as writing press releases, dealing with others, writing articles, and so on with the maximum for the success of the company.


  • Writing press releases, dealing with others, writing articles, journalistic ethics, writing in print, good grammar, teamwork, leadership / leadership, problem solving, Microsoft Office, committed, polite and passionate.

Work experience

  • Web Developer, Jude Stout June 2012 – May 2013

Educational background

  • University of Indonesia, Bachelor (S1) – Communication, May 2000-2004

Language ability

  • English. Written: enough. Oral: enough

Example Curriculum 2

Annisa Pandanwangi

Name: Annisa Pandanwangi
Gender: Female
Address: Kebon Nanas, East Jakarta
Place, Date of Birth: Depok, January 26, 1988
Status: Married
Religion : Buddha
Phone: 081234567890

Formal education

  • 2006 – 2010: Faculty of Informatics Engineering, Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • 2003 – 2006: SMUN 4 Bekasi
  • 2000 – 2003: SLTPN 7 Bekasi

Non-formal education

  • 2014 Google Analytics Academy
  • 2010 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database, Microsoft Certified of Achievement
  • 1999 LIA English Course, General English Advanced Class

Work experience

  • November 2011 – April 2012 PT. Wire Zero Pariwara (GroupZ) on the Mediacom Division as Digital Search
  • April – September 2012 PT. Wire Zero Pariwara (GroupZ) on Interaction Division as Search Specialist
  • October 2012 – Now PT. Valala Mandiri on SEM Division as SEM Manager

Organizational experience

  • 2008 Chairman of Public Relations Division, Student Executive Board Faculty of Informatics Y.A.I
  • 2007 Member of Public Relations Division, Student Executive Board of Faculty of Informatics Y.A.I


  • Understand and can operate Microsoft Office, Windows XP, Personal Computer, Java Script, C ++, HTML
  • Understanding SEM (Search Engine Marketing): Search, GDN, Youtube, Facebook Ads


  • Search Advertising Certificate, exp: July 2014
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification, exp: December 2014

If your CV looks like the above, you will not be different from thousands of other job seekers. Because the other CV is also like that! This reduces your chances of being interviewed by HRD.

Continue reading to find out what an interesting CV is, along with an example.

Time to Make Your Job Application CV More Interesting!

Briefly, CVs or resumes must be clear and effective. Do not let the contents to the pages and explain things that are not important for the company dituju. If you create a CV like that, there is a HRD company that is bored and not at all glance at your excess.

Often, your CV is rejected because the content and design of the CV are made not interesting or not eye catching. Although the contents, your CV is good, high educational background, and experience the committee is okay, but your CV will look similar to the other applicants who may not necessarily have more ability than you. Thus, an interesting CV should take precedence.

If you are not good at it and have desperately tried to make an interesting CV but failed. Do not worry. Interesting is not necessarily good and colorful. If the CV is usually made formal and rigid, continue in a row, until the experience of the organization and educational history was given columns. It seems that it is old, yes, before job seeker booming like now.

If now you are still using a CV fomat like that, later his HRD eyes lazy read your CV. Well, the key you can set the layout of your writing, just do not get messed up. A good layout will make the CV format different even if the content and content are the same. In addition, the layout can optimize the number of pages you will use. More or less, the grammar setting can be like the first CV example.

Sample CV (Curriculum Vitae) for a Unique & Interesting Job Application

Write Interesting CV 2
Write Interesting CV 2

Not enough challenged to make a CV that like an example? If you want to work in the field of graphic design, CV will be a pretty good selling point. How, you can design your own CV interesting and your heart’s content. Can also choose an attractive color to look different.

Actually there are so many powerful ways for your CV to be viewed by HRD. If your CV is interesting and creative, it will be your first introduction to the company. The company will think you’re the kind of person who is creative and has many ideas. To create a CV with a design, do not be too festive, because it can look tacky. Quite simple, but attention-grabbing.

Well, now your creative ideas are emerging right? Congratulations to make a more interesting CV of those examples, yes, and happy job hunting!


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